Enjoy Your Daily Meals with Our Senior Living Food Service

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Enjoy Your Daily Meals with Our Senior Living Food Service

Many senior living communities treat food as an afterthought, resulting in tasteless dishes that leave residents and their families high-tailing it for the nearest fast food options. At American Orchards, we do things differently.

We believe eating is meant to be more than a utilitarian act that simply meets one’s daily nutritional requirements. Food is a ritual, a bonding experience, and a pure delight—when done right.

Premier Senior Living Food Service

Our spectacular meals certainly rise above the typical senior living dining stereotype. We take pride in creating healthy, high-quality meals prepared with fresh ingredients that are personalized to our individual residents. Taking each resident’s health needs into consideration, we craft a menu with something for everyone. Residents and their families will love enjoying a meal together as if they were in their own home.

Senior Living Food Done Right

American Orchards offers dining options any time of day or night. Our culinary team prepares three meals per day, and we have other snacks, coffee, and beverages available 24/7. Residents can view our food prep stations and feel they are part of the cooking experience, or they can have the meal sent to their room for enjoyment in the comfort of their own space.

Learn More Today

If you or a loved one wants to learn more about our outstanding food options and senior living dining options, contact us at American Orchards today. We’re happy to answer any questions about our senior living food service and can also provide more information about our quality memory care and assisted living facilities. Get in touch today!