Pace Magazine Helps Find the Right Place to Live for Aging Loved Ones

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Carole-Lynne Richardson of Pace Guide to Senior Living and Chrissy Hall of our very own American Orchards Senior Living sat down with Arizona Midday host Jan D’Atri in March to discuss a new platform that helps families find the right place to live for aging loved ones.

HOST: Time now to talk about families and helping yours as they age. Caroline Richardson from Pace Guide to Senior Housing and Chrissy Hall from American Orchards Assisted Living are here with more. Thank you both so much for being here.

GUESTS: Thank you for having us.

HOST: Absolutely, we appreciate it. We always like to talk about the latest and greatest and what’s happening and there’s something new called Care2Bid. What is it and why is it important?

RICHARDSON: So it’s a new Pace service, actually that we have launched and what it is is a first of its kind, solution for senior assisted living. And it actually what it does is it it cuts out the middleman, offering a way for people to find assisted living without the compensation that usually occurs with the placement agency. They can go online they can search from their home, find the best of the best.

HOST: That’s really nice to have a service like this too, and Chrissy, as an assisted living community, why are you excited about Care2Bid?

HALL: We are excited about Care2Bid because it allows us the opportunity to touch so many more individuals out there that need our services, and they are able to actually see what we can provide without even have to leave their home. They just fill out the independent assessment and send it over to us and then we’re able to identify if we’re can even meet their needs.

HOST: Yeah, that’s so terrific and so many people today kinda want to start the process at home, right? They want to start there and see what you have and what you need. You’ve kind of looked this over. What additional benefits have you found so far- because I know this is very new- working with Care2Bid?

HALL: Well, in an assisted living community, you have caregiving staff that provides the care, you have life enrichment that plans the fun activities and adventures throughout the day, you have the dining staff that creates amazing food. And when you don’t have to allocate so many financial dollars towards paying placement agents, you’re able to take that money and put it back into providing an amazing living experience.

HOST: That’s terrific, so it sounds like you’re saying that Care2Bid is allowing you- and your community- to provide a really high quality of care.

HALL: It is. Every assisted living strives to provide a very high quality of care, but you have to really be able to understand the needs of the residents, you have to have a structure in place to be able to provide for those needs, and you have to have financial stability in order to be around for a long time. Care2Bid is a platform that really is going to help us with that in the future.

The video concludes by showcasing a senior living facility serving the north Phoenix communities. We’re pleased to have had Chrissy Hall’s involvement in this piece as we all work to better serve the seniors in and around the Phoenix area.