Resident and Former Chancellor of Connecticut State University System, President of ECSU, David G. Carter, Passes At 75

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A beloved resident of the American Orchards senior living community in Gilbert, AZ, David G. Carter, passed away on March 17 after battling cancer for some time. Carter served as former president of Eastern Connecticut State University and chancellor of the Connecticut State University System. He has been credited as leading the Connecticut higher-education institutions through great transformation during his years of tenure.

Carter’s work provided students of all backgrounds greater access to the college system, serving as “a guidepost for our continued work,” according to president of the Connecticut State Colleges of Universities system, Mark E. Ojakian. Enrollment under his presidency grew to 36,629, with the number of full-time students surpassing its peak. With large investments in the science department and the opening of a brand new science center on campus, enrollment in science-related programs across the Connecticut education system took a great leap.

Dedicated to driving a local commitment to Connecticut, Carter believed in getting the students involved in various business oriented clubs that presented opportunities for future career paths. He was positively admired and deeply respected by the students and educators whose lives he touched.

Many school officials have offered condolences on Carter’s passing and made comments on his success, calling him “a tremendous lobbyist” whose work will benefit generations of students to come. He has been admired for his sincere dedication and tireless passion for education and making schools a better place for all. President of the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT, Rhona Free, attributed the success of numerous grads as a direct result of Carter’s great enthusiasm and encouragement.

Carter’s countless awards demonstrate his prized work and determination in improving the Connecticut education system as a whole. The many awards he received include the NAACP Roy Wilkins Civil Rights Award, the Americanism Award from the Connecticut American Legion, the Tapestry Award from The Hartford Courant in 2002, and “Man of the Year” in 2000 by the African American Affairs Commission.

Carter will continue to remain a inspiration to school officials and students alike, and he will be deeply missed as a integral part of our community. Chrissy Hall, American Orchards’ Executive Director, had this to say, “David Carter was an extraordinary man and the team at American Orchards Senior Living were privileged to care for him in his final months. He was a joy to be around, he touched the hearts of each individual he came in contact with here at American Orchards. Team members adored his ability to joke with them and speak his kind words often with just his eyes and his expressions. The other residents appreciated his company and some would spend time praying with David. It was truly an honor had by all here at American Orchards to know and care for David Carter.”

Carter will continue to remain a inspiration to school officials and students alike, and he will be deeply missed as a integral part of our community. If you’re seeking more information, The Hartford Courant wrote a full piece on Carter and his great achievements.