Top 5 Benefits of a Memory Care Facility

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Top 5 Benefits of a Memory Care Facility

When a loved one is in need of extra care, you want to be sure you choose a living space with the best available assistance. If this family member has Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory disorders, there may be a better option than a traditional assisted living center. A memory care facility offers more comprehensive and unique care to these individuals. Learn more below about the benefits of a memory care facility.

Specialized Care

A memory care facility provides specialized care and assistance to residents with memory disorders in addition to help with daily activities. Structured and supervised activities are provided in a way that still allows for some independence within a safe and secure environment. The facility is designed to reduce the risk of danger when residents wander or become disoriented with their surroundings.  

Better Quality of Life

With more specialized care, individuals often take fewer medications, which means fewer negative side effects.  Great care is taken to help reduce the number of falls, injuries, and accidents resulting in hospital visits, as well as increased nutrition and wellness. All of these factors lead to a higher quality of life, and often to improvement or maintaining of mental functioning.

Increased Socialization

Most memory care units are in a separate wing or section of a larger residential care facility. This allows caretakers to provide continuous care as well as specialized social and therapeutic programs to keep residents engaged. Activities like games, social events, and fitness classes are provided for entertainment and health purposes.

Support for Families

Memory care facilities create an environment that is positive for both residents and their families with outreach programs designed to educate and encourage family members. You can rest easy knowing your loved ones are being given the best care around the clock and there are resources available to you when you have questions or need support.

Highly Trained Staff

Nurses and team members in memory care facilities often have specialized training or experience working with patients with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders, as well as additional ongoing training. Memory care centers generally also have fewer patients per staff member to allow for extra attention and assistance.

When choosing a care facility for your loved one, it is important to ask questions and factor in the individual needs of the person who will be staying there. American Orchards offers tours of our memory care facility so you can see what it’s like before making a final decision.

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