How To Make the Transition to Assisted Living or Memory Care

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How To Make the Transition to Assisted Living or Memory Care

Moving elderly to assisted living can be trying. New places, faces, and fear of the unknown can make it unsettling for all parties involved. If you are wondering how to help elderly parents, loved ones or yourself, adjust to an assisted living or memory care setting, American Orchards in Gilbert, AZ has some tips and resources for you.

Difficulties Your Loved One May Face When Relocating

Relocating can be a stressful event for everyone. For the elderly, that stress can be compounded by confusion and concern. They may experience shock, anger, and sadness, bouts of intense loneliness, and feelings of abandonment.

They may also have a sense of claustrophobia if they are moving from a residence that had significantly more space, and have a sense of loss because they no longer own their home and have had to pack away or reduce their belongings.

Then there is also the adjustment to a new routine, and the feelings that they are “too old to change.”

The good news is that these challenges are very common and generally are very short-lived. At American Orchards, we work tirelessly to ensure that the transition from home to our community goes as smoothly as possible. We provide a setting that is warm and inviting and challenge each team member to do their part to make sure that each new resident feels welcome and comfortable from day one. We are truly here to help.

Get to Know the Assisted Living Community

Learn everything you can about their new home and the people they will share it with.

  • What is the resident to team member ratio?
  • What is the background of all team members ? Medical staff, administration, maintenance, make sure they and you are comfortable with them all.
  • What kind of programs and services do they offer? Are there on- and off-site recreation and social opportunities available?
  • How are their safety and security procedures and record?

How to Help Elderly Parents Adjust to an Assisted Living Setting

There are a number of things you can do to help make the transition easier on all of you. Some of these recommendations may work well and others may not. The key is to be flexible and understand that the change and adjustment will get better over time.

Prior Visits

When possible, take your parent or other loved one to the assisted living community as often as possible before moving day. Go for meals and special events and introduce them to fellow residents and team members. They will become familiar with the community, its team, and other residents, and hopefully, be more at ease when it comes time to move.

Transition to Assisted Living Tips

  • Give staff as much information about your elder parent or loved one as possible. Likes, dislikes, triggers, interests, hobbies, medical history, and life story. This will help them develop a personal relationship more quickly.
  • Visit regularly, but do not crowd them. Give them time to enjoy their space.
  • Observe their comments and actions, and be proactive about problems or concerns.
  • Try to set up their new living space to resemble the space they are moving from. Set up their favorite chair by the TV. Have their stereo set up so they can play their music. Put photos of loved ones where they can see them from where they spend most of their time.

Transition Today

Contact us today with your questions and concerns about transitioning your loved one to our assisted living and memory care community. Check out our image gallery, and then schedule a tour of our beautiful community.