Costs of At-Home Caregiving Compared to Assisted Living

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Costs of At-Home Caregiving Compared to Assisted Living

When our loved ones are no longer capable of caring for themselves, we want to be sure they are getting the best possible care available, whether from an assisted living community or a family member. Many families want to provide the care themselves or feel obligated to take on the responsibility because they are worried about the high cost of assisted living vs in-home care. The true cost of each is a common question and one we’re here to help you navigate.

Surprisingly, the cost of caregiving at a specialized facility may not be more than in-home care after all. It is important to consider all the costs of both in-home care and assisted living for the senior before deciding which option is best for you and your loved ones.


The number one thing you need to consider may not be the financial aspect, but may be just as important. How much time do you really need to spend caring for an elderly parent? It is common for people to assume that it will require a only few minutes here and there, and a few extra hours for bathing and doctor appointments. The truth is, the time spent meeting a family member’s needs often adds up quickly, and depending on the level of care required, it can be comparable to a full or part-time job. In these cases, an assisted living setting can often be the more affordable option. At American Orchards, we provide a free health care assessment for any senior or their families that can be a great help in determining what the true costs, both of time and dollars, will be.

Medical Costs

A major advantage of finding an assisted living community for your loved one is that there are trained caregivers and professionals on hand around the clock. You will not need to plan or pay for in-home treatments because they are included in the daily schedule and cost of elderly care at a facility. Additionally, the health of the family caregiver be impacted due to the stress and increased physical demands of caring for a loved one, which may lead to higher healthcare costs for the family.

Income Changes

Family members who become caregivers are often required to work less, or even quit or retire early. Those who plan to stop working for a short period of time and return to the workforce often face the challenges of re-entering the workforce.

Benefits of Assisted Living

There are numerous benefits to choosing an assisted living facility for your loved ones, including peace of mind that:

  • They will never be home alone.
  • They will be provided with three nutritious meals each day.
  • Help is readily available.
  • They can be reminded to take medications.
  • They will not need to worry about housework or yardwork.
  • They will have more time to do things they enjoy and visit with loved ones, and so will you!

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