Finding Community: Helping Seniors Avoid Social Isolation and Loneliness

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Finding Community: Helping Seniors Avoid Social Isolation and Loneliness

Once someone reaches 50 to 60 years of age or older, the most ideal situation for him or her is probably to be surrounded by family, friends, and maybe even grandchildren. Unfortunately, loneliness in seniors is a common problem in America today, and it can lead to a loss of well-being.

Social isolation has been linked to depression and suicide. Of course, millions of Americans are lonely, but senior citizens should be especially wary of being isolated. That’s because it’s easier for their circle of friends to shrink as they age. If you are lonely yourself or want to know how to help lonely seniors, we have several solutions below.

Is Social Isolation Really Serious?

Social isolation in senior citizens has been studied, and it can lead to long-term problems that include:

  • Lung disease
  • Arthritis
  • Poor mobility
  • Depression
  • Malnutrition
  • Risky behaviors like smoking
  • Suicide

Furthermore, once you’re in the condition of social isolation and have developed a problem such as depression, it’s easy to stay in that condition. Elderly isolation can cut you off from the outside help you need. That’s why it’s important to reach out to others right away and to transition into a situation that will keep you connected to healthy and caring people.

How Can You Overcome Social Isolation?

If you’re chronically lonely, you may need to change your housing arrangement. It’s a truth in life that our environments are often stronger than we are. You may have thought that you’ll start to go out and meet others, but then you continued in your old habits. A new environment, though, will help you create new habits far better than willpower ever could.

Family members often ask us how to help lonely seniors, and we can honestly tell you that an assisted living community is one of the best solutions. Living here can connect you with other people who have similar interests, along with motivating you to reach out to your other friends and family.

At an assisted living facility, you can easily:

  • Join clubs based on your hobbies
  • Take part in various therapies, including music, physical, art, and pet
  • Play games
  • Attend sessions that improve your memory
  • Take fitness classes
  • Get spa services
  • Take walks
  • Go to picnics
  • Attend veteran-oriented services
  • Go shopping with other residents
  • Attend celebrations, such as birthdays and holidays

It may even be easier for you to invite your old friends and family over once you’re part of a supportive, organized community!

Whether or not you move to an assisted living facility, it can help you if you schedule activities that make you less isolated, such as:

  • Phoning a friend or family member every day
  • Visiting with others, whether at your residence or at a restaurant or other venue
  • Becoming acquainted with your neighbors
  • Learning to use social media
  • Revisiting hobbies that help you meet like-minded people
  • Signing up for a free class in your town, possibly at a nearby college
  • Joining a group exercise class
  • Walking with a friend or a pet

If you’re interested in the idea of assisted living or want to know how to prevent social isolation in elderly family members, call American Orchards. You can also learn more about us and the many services we provide on our online resources page. If you want to stay healthier longer, you’ll love our wellness-oriented activities.

We care about showing people how to help lonely seniors. You may be able to escape from loneliness very soon. Call American Orchards today.