Employee Screening and Training


At American Orchards, we strive to employ the very best individuals in our industry…period. From nurses to caregivers and chefs to housekeepers, we look for the “cream of the crop.”  In order to identify these great team members, we utilize a number of tools to help ensure our potential candidates are up to the task.


Prior to employment, each applicant is thoroughly screened and must meet the following requirements:

  • Fingerprint Clearance Card Verification (State and Federal Criminal Records Check)
  • Background Screening (When Fingerprint Card Verification is in Process)
  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • Current CPR and First Aid Training and Completion
  • E-Verifiy (Work Eligibility)
  • OIG Screening (Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Protection)
  • Credit Check (Exploitation and Fraud Protection)
  • Tuberculosis Screening
  • Maricopa County Food Handler’s Card Verification
  • Personal and Professional Reference Checks
  • Arizona State Board of Nursing Verification (Nurses)
  • NCIA Board Verification (Nurses and Caregivers)

Once an applicant has met these criteria and has properly demonstrated compassion, competence, and commitment through the interview process, he or she will be considered for employment at American Orchards. Each new team member is then guided through a community-specific orientation program that includes one-on-one training, dementia program immersion, community safety protocols, and more.