Person-Centered Care & Approach

Person centric PgOftentimes, in large institutional facilities, resident wellness and personal needs take a backseat. Residents can get tucked away in their rooms or apartments and because they may have difficulty navigating the maze of long hallways, stairwells or elevators, and other rooms to get to the cafeteria or elsewhere, they become discouraged, less independent, and ultimately, more alienated. At American Orchards, we have taken the principles that constitute a genuine and complete person-centered environment and applied them into every aspect of our community.

Our approach begins with the design, layout and functionality of our communities. From the earliest stages of planning and design, we have focused on ways to ensure our living spaces create a setting that is…personal. Our communities are created in smaller, more home-like sections. The resident suites are located on a single level around (or very close to) common living rooms, personalized dining rooms, and open kitchens. For our residents, this helps them feel more at home than in a nursing facility or institutional senior living center.

At American Orchards, the same focused team of nurses and caregivers assist the same small group of residents everyday and we take the time to connect with each resident as a unique individual. At every turn in our homes there is a team member available who knows each resident and his or her likes, preferences and habits.

Person-Centered Care Features and Highlights

  • Architectural design that is truly person-centric
    • Smaller home sections with shorter hallways to keep resident suites in close proximity to common areas, dining rooms, and outdoor amenities
    • More personal family-style dining rooms
    • Single level living
    • Open nurses stations in each home section
  • Small, dedicated nursing and caregiver teams to focus on smaller groups of residents allowing for more one-on-one time with individual residents
  • Team members trained to recognize and accommodate the personal needs and desires of our residents and offer choice in performing daily activities
  • Wellness and activity programs designed and adapted to the individual needs and desires of our current residents
  • Open kitchens with friendly chefs preparing meals and snacks as needed
  • State-of-the-art resident/care team communication technology
  • iPad ordering system allows residents to customize meals