My experience was limited because I was only able to spend a couple of days with my family at Orchards as my Mom passed away as soon as I got there, however they treated my Mom and my family extremely well and even visited the house later after she passed away. I think the staff went above and beyond the call of duty while we were there. They treated my Mom with respect and kindness but also with firmness to protect her own well being, none of this was always easy to do. A big thank you to the staff at Orchards for making my Mom’s last few months alive as good as it could have possibly been.

- Dave G.

Lets start with the facility as that is the easy part to talk about as its has to be one of the nicest places around. New and modern yet feels like home and not a facility. Its all single level with wide open halls and tons of natural light. Its truly a beautiful place for your loved ones. When it comes to the staff it’s hard to put into words the type of care that Orchards provides. It’s much more than people doing their job and more about a group of people that truly care. My grandmother was a feisty old bird and on first arrival was a lot to handle for anyone. The Orchards staff stepped in and gave her the care and attention she needed and it quickly became a place of comfort for her. The staff was great in every way, especially as things began to turn in my grandmothers final days. The staff stayed late, came in on days off just to be there. It was not hard to see how much they cared. I could never express my gratitude enough and how they helped my father who was just devastated during the process they help him hold strong. If you are looking for a care facility this is the one you should choose.

- Kyle G.

Making the decision to put a loved one in a place other than their home is never a easy one although the Orchards and their staff made this transition so much more pleasant. The staff became another branch of our extended family. They took my mother in law in as their own mother or loved one. They made everyday a new and exciting adventure that we got to be involved with the activities as family members or got to hear about and see the smile on her face as they told us about her days after we got home from work. During her final journey we made the choice to return to the Orchards after a short hospital visit. Once returned her eyes lit up like I will never be able to explain as she saw each and every staff member during her final days. They were supportive to our family and our loving mother. We hope to continue to have a relationship with the staff at the Orchard as we will never be able to replay or express our gratitude of their professional yet loving character toward each resident aka family.

- Debbie S.

I will never forget the day that I took my mom to Orchards and the apprehension that both she and I had on that day. It was a rocky start as she became a new resident as she did not feel she belonged there.Over the next 4 months she became more and more settled making friends with the staff at the facility. They welcomed her with open arms and were there for her all hours of the day or night. They kept me updated with pictures and text messages of how she was doing that day. I visited mom almost every single day while she was at orchards and I too made friends with not only the staff but the other residents and their families as well.

This past January my mother had to make an emergency trip to the hospital only to find out that she had a sickness that the doctors were not going to be able to help us heal. At that time it was decided to take mom back to Orchards and to be put on hospice. The night we returned, the entire staff was waiting for her including the day and night crew. At that point, I knew that they were not only mom’s friends, they were actually part of our extended family.

I cannot say enough good things about how she was treated. Outstanding facility and staff.

- Dennis G.

American Orchards has a warm, clean home like feel. The staff is very kind and seem to love their job. And to top it off, the food is exceptional. One of the finest facilities I have been to in the Valley.

- Deaune J.

Excellent – staff very nice – wonderful place. Improvements: need automatic door in front too difficult to manage with a walker especially at night with code.

Food need to be without MSG and made from scratch. Death of guest need to be more discreet. Door of coughing hospice patient be closed so it is quiet to sleep

- Lise C.

It’s a beautiful place filled with beautiful people!

- Khalid S.

They have been helpful, compassionate and professional. Very happy with our choice.

- Kim S.

Exceptional staff and beautiful environment! Every visit I’ve had to American Orchards has been a world class experience and I suggest anyone looking for adult care, reach out to staff and learn more about the community.

- Christopher S.

Beautiful community and an amazing staff

- Angela F.

Choosing a facility for your loved one is so not easy. My best friend and I searched. It becomes very confusing. When we found this facility we were so excited. It felt good when you walked in. So many things about it was similar to other places with the exception of how amazing you feel when you walk through the door. That’s how we knew we found Coco a place to live. The staff is amazing. They genuinely do care. You hear stories about abuse in homes and people have to worry. There is no worry here. Our Coco went to heaven. The facility is still there for those of you who need a loving home for your loved one. Go and see for yourself. Thank you so much to all of you at American Orchards.

- Vicki H.

Beautiful community knowledgeable friendly staff.

- Steve R.

My wife is a resident of the Orchards and has been since January 13th and is thriving in her new environment. We have found many new friends here who are in the same situation as my wife. The nurses are top notch and very capable. We have the most association with her care givers and they are a blessing in our lives. The provide the necessary help that my wife needs and arrive in her room with a smile. The central staff are excellent and provide the necessary direction to the staff. We enjoy the food and it is of excellent quality and available 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. A bus is available to take my wife to dialysis 3 times per week which is a great help to us.

- Larry S.